Gyratory Crushers

We offer an inventory of surplus and used gyratory crushers worldwide at D’Angelo International. Similar in its general concept to a cone crusher, gyratory crushers consist of a conical head and concave surface, with both of these surfaces lined with manganese steel. Aptly named, gyratory crushers have a laterally circular movement that is generated by an eccentric on the vertical shaft. The crushing chamber expands and contracts during the eccentric motion, to allow rock to enter the chamber, and be crushed against the walls, and then discharged through the bottom of the machine. Gyratory crushers require an extensive foundation and setup, but are great for low cost per ton high throughput crushing in a long lived or high-tonnage operation. They have been historically popular in industries like base metal mining, cement, and large-scale aggregate production. We can supply gyratory crushers and parts or components from trusted brands like Nordberg, Allis Chalmers, Traylor, and Fuller. Give us a call today to discuss the gyratory crusher your project requires.

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