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Welcome to
D'Angelo International LLC

Used Mining & Mineral Processing Equipment

~ Reusing and re-purposing industrial steel equipment ~

Tel: +1.360.734.1046
Fax: +1.360.714.8898


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Help us help you prevent unnecessary carbon emissions.

70% of steel is produced in blast furnaces, requiring 1,700 lbs of coal per ton. Steel is recycled in electric arc furnaces, requiring about 300 lbs of coal per ton.  About 1.2 billion tons of coal are used in global steel production annually.

A ton of steel from ore produces more than a ton of carbon dioxide emissions.  Recycling scrap produces less, but reusing steel machinery prevents carbon emissions.  It also saves time and money.  Used equipment can be delivered and returned to service more quickly and less expensively than new orders.

Let us help you get to work and be kinder to the planet.

What's Hot
thumbnail_Hardinge (2).jpg View Product Details ››    11 x 14 ft Hardinge-Koppers Ball Mill for 1000 hp

11' x 14' Hardinge-Koppers Ball Mill for 1000 hp


thumbnail_GM206_02.jpg View Product Details ››    7x10 ft Marcy Ball Mill w/ 200 hp

7x10 ft Marcy Ball Mill w/ 200 hp




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